About Us

A few years ago, our journey began with a simple inclination to create something beautiful and functional, but with a profound purpose – to make a positive impact on the fashion industry that stood before us. As we looked around, we began to seek out for a much-needed change. We knew that we could change the industry for the better immensely and so we set out to create a brand that not only made bonny handbags but also contributed to a more responsible future. We partner with ethical manufacturers who share our values and are committed to providing fair wages and safe working conditions to their employees. We are passionate about creating handbags that are not only appealing but also practical and long-lasting. You will always find the best of quality with our products. As a company, we are committed to continuous improvement and growth. We hope that our handbags become a cherished accessory, one that you can carry with pride, knowing that it was made with care.