Lush Leatherette Over Your Shoulder
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Chic it up with our Compact Baguettes

From florals to pastels, from neutrals to the dark academia scaly textured leather, elevate every fit with the polished hardware of our sophisticated shoulder bags. Small and easy to carry, these are more of an accessory than for utility, for we know you like to step up with the trends. Our complementing silhouettes in the contemporary designs of this collection give you that perfect blend of durability and class, so you get to choose the luxurious glistening piece that fits your aura.

Bags That Make Heads Turn!

Buckle up for a trail of “Where did you get that from?” on every event you carry your Lino Perros to, for these shoulder bags sure know how to catch everyone’s eye

Walk in with a swing of style every time

Spice up your last-minute outfits with a splash of Lino Perros mix whenever you’re doubtful of your look, playing the life of the party like you always do.