Styling Tips With The Top Bag Trends for Women in 2024

Styling Tips With The Top Bag Trends for Women in 2024

Saturdays are for everyone to relax and revisit. After all, we’ve got the internet buzzing with thoughts on how quickly 2024 seems to be passing by. Meaning? Apparently, it’s the perfect time to make our mandatory mid-year revisits to our fashion resolutions. 

And a little birdie told us that some of you have been trying to find the best shoulder bags for women for ages now. Well, guess who has successfully found their favorites and is nailing the top fashion trends of the year? The ones who landed on the inventory of Lino Perros. So let this little nerdy be your expert style guide for the day and help you pick the trendiest handbags and footwear combos that are soon to be yours; along with a few classic styling tips. Let’s dive in!

1. The Handheld Bags

First things first, the handheld bags are the new favorites for everyone who enjoys a good mix of compact yet sufficient space to hold all their daily essentials. Although the fashion dictionary describes these bags as purses designed with handles, at Lino Perros, we like to add all possibilities of everything else that one might look for! Hence our handheld bags come with detachable straps for your ease of carrying and styling it further. Pick your favorites and pair them with the top and bottom apparel combos of your choice. But don’t forget to fetch the complementing footwear for your fit. 

Styling Tips:

  • Professional look: Best when paired with tailored suits and moccasins.
  • Chic & Casual: Best when combined with casual jeans and solid shirts.
  • Party-perfect: Best when matched with dresses and skirts for some extra feminine touch.

2.  Trendy Laptop Bags - That every working queen is after.

Here’s why - each of our laptop bags is designed by industry experts with the finest materials that enhance the design and durability features for you to ace at work and everywhere else that you hit after office. So, from all your work-desk requirements like laptops and lunch boxes (with padded and layered compartments for each), to chargers and folders, to make-up and post-work dress-up options, carry it all as you want. Moreover, each of these bags comes in different styles, colors, and other surprises that the workaholic inside you will enjoy walking and turning heads with. 

Styling Tips:

  • Professional look: Best when coordinated with business casual outfits
  • Keep in mind to opt for subtly nude and neutral colors for a more polished look.
  • Pick minimal yet classy jewelry and matching heels to accessorize it perfectly for a professional-to-party switch.

3.  Sling Bags Sliding In Style

When it comes to styling and pairing, one can’t do without the sleek and cheeky slings, as they go hand in hand with almost every type of outfit that you pick; especially if you prefer stepping out with essentials-only. Not to mention, our inventory is full of the best sling bags designed to look compact from the outside, yet spacious from the inside. So, although it looks sleek and steamy, it can carry right about all your essentials if picked in smaller packages. 

Styling Tips:

  • For those who prefer a laid-back vibe, casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts fit the best.
  • Bold colors and patterns Use as a statement piece with bold colors or patterns.
  • Pair with summer dresses for a light and airy look.

4. The Brilliant Backpacks

If there had to be one style of bag that never runs out of trend, that would be backpacks. From chambers of secrets to portable charging slots to the coolest prints in the best textures, there's room for all types of coolness that one can carry.

Styling Tips:

  • Best when paired with your favorite pairs of semi-casuals and simple white sneakers.
  • To go for an active and sporty look, pair with athleisure wear.
  • Trendy twists work magic when combined with pretty floral casual dresses or skirts.

5. The Totes Trending Forever

With many pockets comes many lists of things that one might wish to carry. Especially ones who take an enormous time to decide what they need. That's where Lino Perros steps in with our new collection of trendy totes that have been loved by thousands of people who bought them. They come in multiple styles,  colors, and prices to make sure that everyone can enjoy and confide in these premium handbags that make styling easy for life. 

Styling Tips:

  • Pair with casual outfits for running errands and continue looking stylish.
  • Toss in your summer swimwear and stylish flip-flops for ease and sass. 
  • Match with office wear for a professional yet relaxed look.

6. Satchels That Dazzle 

Speaking of top trends of the year for women, one cannot skip the satchels. For all the good reasons, including the fact that these bags are like the chameleons of the fashion world. The seamless adaptation with every season and occasion proves it all. Above all, if your hunt is for the best black handbags, let us take you to our satchel collection, for you to find the black of your choice (yes, we have different types of blacks too). Now let's dig in for some styling tips:

Styling Tips:

  • The free spirits out there find it best to combine these bags with bohemian outfits
  • Pairing them with smart casuals helps in achieving a balanced style. 
  • They add to the perfect essence of a cozy and fashionable ensemble when paired with boots and trench coats.

7. Cute Clutches’ Collection

This last bit is for all the minimalists out there who are on a constant lookout for the ladies’ small handbags! Perfect for the minimal fashionistas, these small bags are great for both day and night. Just remember, the clutch and potli collections at Lino Perros are loved by too many to count aaannnnnddd we couldn’t be happier to walk you through the latest launches. Because, from premium quality of material to handpicking the right styling elements, our craftsmanship for each bag ensures taking care of all your possible likings.

Styling Tips:

  • Top picks of garments for these little bags include cocktail dresses and flares. 
  • For minimal style preferences, casual wears fit the best. 
  • When it comes to picking the right accessories, the more bold your options are, the better your fashion statement is.

So dear beautiful reader, have you decided on which bag to get? Or do you still need a little help here and there? In either of the cases, simply visit the section of bags that you’ve been looking for. And fetch them before someone else does. And definitely before the year ends. Because checklists are meant to be ticked off!