BBF or BFF? Let the 8 Best Summer 2024 Bag Trends Decide Your New Bestie!

BBF or BFF? Let the 8 Best Summer 2024 Bag Trends Decide Your New Bestie!

Wondering if we just turned best friends forever into Best Bags Forever? Well, you read it just right; and with the best 8 summer 2024 bag trends, each with a unique reason to love them, we're about to prove it once and for all! Just a little FYI, if you haven't considered your ‘BBF’ a BFF yet, maybe it's time to give it the credit it deserves (and maybe some extra cash too).

So let's dive in and discover your next favorite pick from our premium collection of shoulder bags for women  – straight from the hottest trends of the season!

1. Tote Bags: Your All-in-One Ally

The scorching summer heat calls for a carry-it-all approach: umbrella, cute refilling water bottles, sunscreen, light and right lipstick shades, scarves, shades, makeup, and hand fans for those hot misses out there. And of course, face wipes and the list goes on. And on. And on. But don’t you worry, our tote shoulder bags for women have got you covered. Designed by industry experts with the right material, size, shape, and prints, Lino Perros tote bags carry it all for you. From the perfect pastel totes to solid black tote bags for colored masterpieces, we’ve got your back (and your stuff).

By the way, within a few hours of launch, 600+ customers LOVED our lavender Women Floral Textured Structured Shoulder Bag with Laptop Compartment. If you think it fits your needs, you must check it out here.


2. Sassy Sliding Sling Bags: The Minimalist's Best Mate

For those of us who find the weight of sweat heavier than carrying a tote, the ‘wear less, carry lesser’ concept is a lifes aver. Enter the Voyage New Look Sling Bag – perfect for the minimalistic survivors who’d rather pick a waterproof sling bag all day, any day. This little number swings in perfectly for the basic essentials. And a little more!

3. Satchel Bags: The Tag-Along Companion

‘Sath-chal’ is Hindi for ‘come-along’, and the perfect rhyme for Satchel. No wonder it’s the perfect balance between the tote and sling, our Satchel Bags offer just the right amount of space without compromising on style. Ideal for work or a casual day out, these bags keep you organized with multiple compartments and a sleek design. Whether you're heading to a meeting or a brunch date or gotta ace a two-in-one day, the Satchel Bag from our women satchel bag is your versatile buddy, ready to accompany!

4. Tropical Vibey Buddy: A Perfect Vacation-Ready Backpack

Summers are all about finding the escape to paradises. Well, we’d rather have you carry a mini-vacation on your arm (just in case the big bosses tend to keep you home, just saying). So whether you get your tickets for your summer trip(s) or not, these bags channel tropical vibrant island vibes wherever you go - from palm leaves to exotic florals, you get it all. To get the vibe check right, head on to our website to make use of your best backpack for ladies search results already!

5. Retro Revival Clutch: The Groovy Sidekick

While hawk-eyeing the gold clutch bag, let’s also get an eye on the rest of the must-haves. Spotted on our fashion-favouristas like Deepika and Priyanka, the potli clutch, rooted in traditional Indian fashion, has made a significant comeback on global runways. Known for its intricate embellishments and compact design, it seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern chic. So get your fists up to grab our Texas Swing Wristlet - your ticket to the fabulous flashback retro bliss. With funky embellishments and a playful snap closure, it’s the perfect mix of generational nostalgia and style, making it a must-have for those who are in fashion.

Small in size but big on personality, it’s the ideal plus-one for any party. The best part? This retro-loving BFF of yours keeps your essentials safe and stuck to you while you dance the night away.

6. Laptop Bags: Boss Ladies or Boss Babies

Who runs the world? Boss ladies (and the boss babies in training too)! Enter our collection of chic and functional best laptop bags, designed for the powerhouse in you. Whether you're heading to the office, a meeting, or a coffee shop work session, these bags keep your tech essentials stylishly secure. With padded compartments, sleek designs, and plenty of pockets for your chargers and notebooks, these shoulder bags for women ensure you’re always prepared to conquer your day. Because let's face it, a boss needs a bag that means business.

7. Hobo Bags: The Free-Spirited Friend

For those who embrace the laid-back yet stylish vibe in their small and large hobo bags for women, our Hobo Bag collection is for you. With its slouchy, crescent shape and roomy interior, it's perfect for the free-spirited fashionista who loves to carry her world with her. Effortlessly chic and versatile, our hobo bags for women are designed to go from a casual day out to a spontaneous night on the town. It’s the kind of bestie that’s always ready for an adventure, no matter where the road takes you.

8. Wallets: The Trusty Treasure Keeper BFF

Last but NOT the least, don’t underestimate the power of a great wallet! Our wallets are compact yet mighty, keeping your cash, cards, and ID organized in style. With multiple compartments and sleek designs, they slip effortlessly into any bag while standing out on their own. Perfect for those moments when you just need to grab and go, our wallets are your trusty treasure keepers, ensuring that all your essentials are safely tucked away - the kind of BFF you can’t do without.


There you have it! Each bag from our Best 8 Summer 2024 Bag Trends is a unique best friend, ready to support you in style. Whether you need a reliable sidekick, a statement maker, or a creative comrade, when it comes to finding the perfect small wallets for women, we've got the perfect matches for you. So go ahead, embrace the season with your new BFF and let your handbag do the talking!