Return Policy

At we try our level best to provide the best of quality product with complete assistance during your purchase. If in any case you are not satisfied with the product and want to return, replace or refund we have a simple procedure to follow.

Return Policy:

If on the time of transport and/or within 7 days from the date of shipping of the product/s, if any disorder is located, then the customer can ask for substitute of the product to the following phrases and situations:

1. Notify us through an email or call of any defects in the product/s at the time of delivery of the product/s and/or within 7 days from the date of shipping and the identical product/s will be replaced in go back of the defective product/s.

2. Alternative may be for the complete product/s or component/s of the product concern to the availability of the same.

Following products shall now not be eligible for go back or substitute:

• Damages because of misuse of product;

• Incidental harm due to malfunctioning of product;

• Products with tampered or missing serial/order number;

• Any product this is again without all original packaging and accessories, which include the field, producer's packaging if any, and all other objects at the beginning covered with the product/s brought;

Original tags and packaging must be intact. For items that are available branded packaging, the field ought to be undamaged.

Broken or defective merchandise are meanwhile blanketed by using the 7 Day alternative assures.

If Lino Perros has suspicion or knowledge, that any of its consumers and sellers are concerned in any interest this is meant to offer claims or information false, deceptive or now not actual, then we may additionally even as reserving its rights to provoke civil and/or criminal lawsuits in opposition to member may at its sole discretion droop, block, limit, cancel the show name of such customer and /or disqualify that consumer and any related customers from availing protection via this application.

Lino Perros reserves its right to provoke civil and/or crook complaints against a consumer who, files invalid and/or false claims or gives fake, incomplete, or misleading statistics. In addition to the criminal court cases as aforesaid, we may at our sole discretion droop, block, restriction, cancel the show call [and its related Display Names] of such person and/or disqualify that person and any related customers from availing safety thru this application. Any character who, knowingly and with intent to injure, defraud or misinform, documents a fraudulent complaint containing false, incomplete, or misleading facts can be responsible for a crook offense and can be prosecuted to the fullest volume of the law.

Special Case Order Replacement:

If you want to change your object for a special type or color, you can alternate qualifying objects through our customer support.

If the item you desire to go back would not have an alternate choice or you obtained the object as a gift, you'll need to return the authentic object and place a new order.

To alternate an object:

1.     Email us with the order number mentioned at

Tip: if you don't see the product you are looking for, select another choice or contact us.

You can use the return label supplied to you to ship your original object again. You’ll want to return the authentic item within 7 days to avoid being charged for each the original and change items.

Note: if you're replacing for a different item that expense extra than the previous item you picked, then you need to follow this procedure:

-Contact our customer support

-We will issue a voucher of the MRP value of the product.

- You have to use the same voucher on the website to order a product of the same or higher value.

Lino Perros will no longer be liable for the products returned by mistake.

In a situation where in a product not belonging to us is returned through mistake, isn't chargeable for misplacement of the product and isn't chargeable for its transport returned to the customer.

-Courier return charges regarding any of our products are paid by Lino Perros.

After the return product is received, it can take up to 8 to 10 working days for us to receive and process your return.