About Us

"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping." —Bo Derek

As fashion world had started to unfurl its powerhouse of inventiveness in the year 1999, it was that time when two astounding designers (Sanjay and Natasha) plunged into the world of style craze. Their divergent thinking, play with designs and conceived concepts, gave fashion accessories an upper hand in the era.

The brand Lino Perros was awakened by the luring Italian fashion orientation to pump in creativity in the Indian style frames.

As a new entrant, the brand within no time overshadowed the market with the versatility in products and stitched a niche foothold in the industry. The vogue tornado that Lino Perros brought in the Indian market was exalting and showered a well-bred essence to daily dressing.

The vintage team of craftsmen in amalgamation with the concept and quality making brought in its embrace the high-end conceptions those are unsurpassed. To quench the thirst for classy taste and innovative designs the brand worked hard and became the pick of the bunch amongst the leading manufacturers.

Lino Perros excels in not just manufacturing instead covers the segment of supply and retail too. The brand specializes in carving accessories for both men and women. The products range vary as follows-debonair ties, suave cufflinks, cravats, ostentatious handbags and a lot other products to accessorize your look before you step out.

Each product crafted here garners your attention towards the story behind the exclusive growth of the brand and how it walked the ladder of success and recognition. It started as ambitious amateur and today ranks amongst the most modish brand of handbags and accessories.

The duo of designers (Sanjay and Natasha) timely encountered with their inclination towards styling and ground-breaking ideas those drove them to become fashion moguls in India.

They realized the voyage of classy and elite styling accompanied for dressing are much longer loved and adored, in comparison to glitterati assortment in the marketplace. Sticking to the unconventional desire, Lino Perros decided to rejuvenate the designation of lifestyle in the midst of the other temporary highlights.

 The brand has two other siblings Myra and Frenzi serving a section of fashionistas to add more exclusiveness and emotional response.

To give a celebrity pinch to our brand that could compliment the sex appeal with sophistication, Liza Haydon was the perfect elect. As an astounding supermodel, she is a well-known face in the fashion industry.  Her earthy charm and amazing style sense enhance the beauty of each piece along with the quality promised.

The parent brand Sumitsu Apparel Pvt Ltd

Lino Perros is the sub brand of Sumitsu Apparel Pvt Ltd. It takes charge of manufacturing for not only its sub-brand instead it also offers its services to some giant brands those rule the fashion bazaar across nations. The firm is known for the wide range of accessories it endeavors to its well-known clients those rule the fashion fête.

A Multi-Brand

Lino Perros fades out the line of concentration on only women decors and manufactures fashion accessories for both men and women. The growing desire to polish appearance has pushed the venture to play with creativity in the best possible way. Such attempt to alter desires to exotic accessories & products, counts as the basic goal of the team.

The venture aims at creating epoch accessories for ladies those range from handbags, slings, belts scarves, clutches purses and another add-on. The mesmerizing accessories enhance your beauty and appearance to compliment with your unique personality that promotes the elite lifestyle trend.

We are well-versed with the prevailing fashion desires amongst the mass and plan to abide by them to manufacture artistries that rank us amongst the most preferred brands.


Arrow is the sub-licensee of Sumitsu Apparel Pvt. Ltd. We manufacture, sell and distribute products bearing the Arrow identity. Being one of the leading formal wear brands, we ensure that our designer accessories stay true to the Arrow brand ethos, in design, quality, and exclusiveness. The specially created range of elegant belts, cufflinks, ties, and wallets are now an integral part of the Arrow portfolio. Our commitment to the principles of corporate ethics and excellence has ensured that our partnership continues to evolve and thrive.

Behind the Creation

Lino Perros does not concentrate only on the unfinished way of completing the order instead the unit here is well-equipped with advanced machinery and cutting edge equipment. The machines and the staff are supervised by proficient, skilled and experienced technocrats. With individual and interface efforts the brand pillars strength and are sustaining to produce an unbeatable line of products to clients timely.

Quality Pledge

Lino Perros prime focus is on customer satisfaction and pioneer contemporary designs. We comprehend your taste and choice ensuring quality and the vogue value of the design. The competitive price offered does not affect the quality promised by us. The brand leverages on the high-tech quality assurance set-up and a proficient team of competent professionals for delivering outstanding and nonpareil products.

The high-grade quality raw material used in combination with overriding design framework, assures durability of products with refining cut and stitch.

Gifting Way Out

The elite pieces of art shaped here favor the perfect solution for expensive gifting to individuals or corporate houses. As manufacturers, we supply products at cutthroat prices globally which is the USP.

Progressively, numerous multinationals are approaching us to design uniform logo ties and ties for gifting purpose as well.

With a good number of fruitful years bagged in our history, we are looking forward to spreading the web of reach to more and more people.

Come along and join us to discover the best of fashion framed in creativity, cradled by Lino Perros.